Suggestion of Places to Go during Ramadan Feast

Suggestion of Places to Go during Ramadan Feast

Holidays are a great time to get away from the city and discover new places. With the Ramadan Feast approaching, holiday plans began to be made. In these times, “When is the holiday?” In addition to the question “Where should we go on holiday?” It is quite normal for your thoughts to keep going back and forth. We thought of you and prepared our suggestions for places to visit during the holiday.

Let’s discover together a beautiful holiday plan where you can get away from your busy schedule, enjoy the Eid al-Fitr holiday, and discover new places and tastes.

When is the Ramadan Feast? How Many Days Is the Eid Holiday?

Before making a holiday plan, it is important to know when the Ramadan Feast falls and how many days it lasts. According to this information, only the holiday period can be used for the trip, or annual leave can be taken and the holiday can be extended further. So, first of all, let’s see when Ramadan Feast falls this year.

The first day of Eid al-Fitr 2024 falls on Wednesday, April 10. Eid al-Fitr ends on Friday, April 12. So this year, the Ramadan Feast combines with the weekend holiday, offering us a long holiday. It is possible to complete this holiday period to 9 days by using 1.5 days of your annual leave for April 8 and April 9, which is the eve of the holiday. In short, the Eid al-Fitr holiday for 2024 is very suitable for discovering new places and having a pleasant holiday.

Suggestion of Places to Go during Ramadan Feast

Where to Go during Ramadan Feast?

Now that we know the dates, it’s time to determine the places to go during the holiday. To make the most of the spring holiday, you can make preliminary preparations for your summer holiday by going to places where you can enjoy the sun and the sea. “But I want to see different places.” If you wish, you can also explore Turkey’s famous places with both historical and natural beauty.

Whatever your choice, our holiday suggestions have an option for every taste. So, let’s start exploring the places to go during Ramadan Feast.

Manavgat, Antalya

“Let’s prepare for summer this holiday and enjoy the sea and the sun.” If so, our suggestion for you is Manavgat, the district of Antalya that stands out with its culture and nature. It is possible to spend your time to the fullest in Manavgat, where there are many travel alternatives such as historical buildings, beaches, and natural beauties.

If you choose Manavgat for your holiday, you can visit the Temple of Apollo, which is a historical heritage, and visit the Ancient City of Aspendos by passing through the Aspendos Bridge. After traveling to the past with historical buildings, you can go to Manavgat Waterfall, which is especially beautiful in spring. You can complete your Manavgat Waterfall tour, where the most beautiful shades of green and blue will accompany you, by enjoying the sea at Side Beach with its fine sand and warm water.

Manavgat is also the right choice for those interested in new experiences and water sports. You can have an exciting experience thanks to the places where you can walk on ropes and boards stretched among the pine trees. To experience water sports, you can wakeboard and water ski in professional places in Manavgat.

Suggestion of Places to Go during Ramadan Feast

Bozcaada, Canakkale

Frequently preferred by those living in Istanbul, Bozcaada is the common point of those who want to find peace in an Aegean town without wasting much time on the road. If you are going to this island with your private car, where you can have a pleasant holiday with its historical buildings and heart-warming streets, you can take a car ferry from Geyikli or choose public transportation options such as bus or sea bus.

Since the majority of Bozcaada’s population was Greek in the past, it is possible to see examples of Greek architecture here. You can see the colorful Greek stone houses while walking through the streets of the neighborhood known as the Greek Quarter, which has historical and touristic importance. During the neighborhood tour, the Virgin Mary Church, one of the symbolic structures of Bozcaada, is one of the buildings you will come across. During this trip where you will travel to the past of Bozcaada, do not forget to go to Bozcaada Castle, the most magnificent island structure, and enjoy the view.

You can enjoy the deep blue sea in Bozcaada, Habbele, and Akvaryum bays, which will add color to your holiday with its bays and impressive structures and history. But remember that Bozcaada is famous for its cold seawater. Even if you cannot swim in the sea, the bays are worth seeing to experience the peace of the coastal air.

Another must-do activity in Bozcaada is to watch the sunset at Polente Lighthouse. Even sunset packages are served in many restaurants on the island for this event, which is an island classic. You can choose sunset plates from these places or fill your picnic basket with Bozcaada almonds and grape juice, which are local delicacies of Bozcaada.

Datça, Muğla

If you want to go to a place that will fascinate you with its nature and tranquility, go to Datça. You can see the most beautiful views of the Aegean and make cultural trips in Muğla’s Datça district, which has become more popular in recent years.

When Datça is mentioned, Can Yücel, a name who once lived here and is identified with Datça, also comes to mind. That’s why when you come to Datça, you can’t leave without visiting the master. You can go to the Old Datça region of Datça, which has colorful bougainvillea streets, and visit the house where Can Yücel lived. Then, you can explore the handicraft boutiques among the old stone houses and take a tea break at the famous Orhan’s Place. If you want to go a little further into the past in your cultural trip, the Ancient City of Knidos, one of the most important trade, art, and culture cities of the Ancient Age, is waiting for you.

There are many bays due to the indented structure of the Datça Peninsula. All of them certainly offer unique beauty and peace. You can enjoy the sea and the sun in the famous bays Palamutbükü, Hayıtbükü and Kargı Bay. If you want to see the unique nature and beauties of Datça on an adventurous route, you can take part in nature walks.

Suggestion of Places to Go during Ramadan Feast

İğneada, Kırklareli

İğneada, located in the Demirköy district of Kırklareli, is a common point for those looking for peace during the holiday with its unique nature. It, which is both a coastal town and home to floodplain forests that are rare in the world, is a place where blue and green intertwine. Thanks to being one of the holiday destinations close to Istanbul, it offers a very practical route, especially for those traveling from Istanbul. If you are one of those who want to get away from the crowds of Istanbul without traveling too far during the holiday, İğneada is just for you.

Unique natural beauties await you when you go to İğneada. To enjoy the spring weather, you can take a walk in İğneada Longoz Forests National Park and explore this rare ecosystem closely. Of course, hiking makes you hungry. You can go to Limanköy, a fishing village, and taste delicious food accompanied by the sea view. When you go to Limanköy, do not forget to see the İğneada Lighthouse, also known as the French Lighthouse, which has become the symbol of the region and was built by Sultan Abdülmecit in 1866.

While you are in Demirköy, you can also visit Dupnisa Cave, the only cave in Thrace open to tourism. While visiting this cave in Sarpdere Village, you will realize that the natural beauties of İğneada are not limited to those above ground. You can take an exciting trip in the mystical atmosphere of Dupnisa, which is full of waterways and stalactites dating back 3-4 million years. After you finish your cave tour, you can sip your coffee accompanied by the cold waters of Sarpdere, from which the village takes its name.

Suggestion of Places to Go during Ramadan Feast


If you want to make a fascinating trip with its natural beauties and history, Cappadocia, famous for its Fairy Chimneys, is waiting for you. Cappadocia; is a huge region that includes different cities including Aksaray, Kayseri, Nevşehir, and Niğde. What makes this region world-famous are the fascinatingly beautiful Fairy Chimneys.

However, the places to see in Cappadocia are not limited to this. Because this place is also very important from a historical perspective. Every corner of Cappadocia is full of discoveries, with Göreme Open Air Museum, where fairy chimneys were once used as settlements, and underground cities, which are proof that life continues underground.

Moreover, Cappadocia is a unique option to experience different activities. You can take a balloon tour to soar in the sky with the view of the fairy chimneys, or if you want to add a little more adventure to this trip, you can join ATV Tours.

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