Adana Orange Blossom Festival

Adana Orange Blossom Festival Colorful Celebration Starts

One of the most beautiful cities in April is Adana. All the streets smell of orange flowers… The smell of orange flowers is wonderful… Your soul will be cleansed, you will be rejuvenated and purified. It creates the power within a person to start over many things… He can make his old friend with whom he is most angry forgive him. And, it is a little dangerous; It can make a person fall in love with the first person he sees on the road… April is the most beautiful season for Adana because orange flowers bloom and it turns into a wonderful climate. It is neither hot nor cold… The weather is like “lemonade”… After putting on your short-sleeved clothes, you go out…

While walking on the streets of Adana, the wonderful scent of orange flowers carried by the wind from time to time will haunt you at all hours of the day. It surprises people. Adana residents living everywhere definitely come to Adana during the orange blossom season. In order not to miss this once-a-year excitement… Although the orange flower season varies depending on climatic conditions, it generally passes between April 1 and April 9. This year, the Adana Orange Blossom Festival will be organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism between 13-21 April. Make a note in your calendar now for next April. Our motto: In Adana in April!…

What is the Adana Orange Blossom Festival?

Adana Orange Blossom Festival is a colorful and joyful event organized to celebrate the magnificent flowers of the city’s orange trees that bloom with the arrival of spring. Welcoming thousands of local and foreign visitors every year, the festival hosts many events such as traditional dance shows, concerts, street parties, exhibitions, and delicious food and drinks.

Adana Orange Blossom Festival

Festival Programme

April 13 – Opening Ceremony and Concerts: The festival will be opened with a magnificent ceremony! Then, an unforgettable concert series will begin with the participation of famous artists.

14-20 April – Events and Shows: During the festival, traditional dance shows, street artist performances, orange-themed exhibitions, and workshops will be held in different parts of the city. There will also be stands where you can taste delicious orange desserts and local dishes.

April 21 – Closing Party: On the last day of the festival, a big closing party will be held! You will experience the festival excitement to the fullest at this party full of live music, dance shows, and surprise events.


The “International Orange Blossom Carnival“, which will bring together thousands of people for the 12th time in 2024, will include many cultural and artistic activities as well as entertaining events. In the statement made by the Carnival Committee, it was stated that event applications have already started to arrive and the following opinions were included;

“The 2024 International Orange Flower Carnival, which will be held after the major earthquakes that affected us deeply and left us in mourning, will be good for everyone in terms of moral motivation. Next year’s carnival program will include very interesting projects and events. We receive many applications from home and abroad to organize events at the carnival. Projects that “fit the spirit” will be meticulously evaluated to be a part of our carnival. As every year, the Carnival will make a great contribution to the city’s economy. This will not only be limited to Adana but the surrounding provinces will also be positively affected by this economic activity. We have a reminder for those who plan to be at the Carnival. “We recommend that those who will come to Adana make transportation and accommodation reservations in advance.”

Adana Orange Blossom Festival

What to Do at the Orange Blossom Festival?

  • You can enjoy the unique views by walking through the orange fields.
  • You can visit markets where traditional handicrafts and handmade products are exhibited.
  • There are special activities and playgrounds for children.
  • You can attend a gastronomic festival full of local flavors and local wines.

Why Should You Attend the Adana Orange Blossom Festival?

Adana Orange Blossom Festival celebrates the beauty of orange blossoms and offers the opportunity to discover Adana’s rich culture, history, and hospitality. This colorful festival, full of activities that you can participate in as a family, offers the perfect opportunity for you to make unforgettable memories.

Make a reservation now for an unforgettable experience!

Book your place now to attend the 2024 Adana Orange Blossom Festival and start preparing for an unforgettable experience! Come to Adana for a wonderful holiday and a pleasant festive atmosphere with your family. Don’t forget that a colorful and enthusiastic festival awaits you!

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