Tips for Traveling to Trabzon

Tips for Traveling to Trabzon

With a history spanning thousands of years, Trabzon is the epicentre of natural and cultural diversity in the eastern Black Sea region. The city on the fabled Silk Road served as a hub for the exchange of languages, religions, and cultural practices for centuries, and its port made it a significant historical figure. 14th-century Marco Polo paid the city a visit. World-renowned travellers such as Xenophon, Evliya Çelebi, Valmereir, and Frunze, who immortalise the city in their travelogues and memoirs, have drawn inspiration from Trabzon.

With its museums, monasteries, mosques, tombs, caravanserai, baths, covered bazaar, fortress wall, and breathtaking examples of civic architecture and landscapes, the city is now a significant hub for commerce and culture.


One of the most well-known cities in Turkey, Trabzon boasts an extensive cultural heritage and a millennium of history. Situated along the historic Silk Road, this city is the most significant in Turkey’s eastern Black Sea region.

Other significant traits that are exclusive to Trabzon are the world-renowned folklore architecture, the city’s strong emphasis on sports, fine craftsmanship, and regional food.

The history of Trabzon dates back two millennia. Suleiman the Magnificent was born and raised at Trabzon, which Mehmed the Conqueror captured and preserved through the Roman and Byzantine periods.

Trabzon is lush with vegetation and boasts an infinite variety of green hues. There are 2,500 plant species found in the city, 440 of which are specific to the region.

Built on historic Byzantine foundations that date to the fifth century AD, Trabzon Castle stands today.

Tips for Traveling to Trabzon

Monastery of the Virgin Mary / Sumela

According to legend, two priests named Barnabas and Sophronius founded the monastery in the late 13th century. They are said to have arrived from Athens under the reign of Theodosius the Great (375–395).

Hagia Sophia Museum

One exquisite example of a late Byzantine cathedral is the Hagia Sophia Museum. The region is regarded as one of the most significant displays of late Byzantine frescoes and architecture.

Trabzon Historical Museum

In terms of style, the Kostaki Palace and the Trabzon Historical Museum are two of Turkey’s rare specimens of European architecture. Greek financier Kostaki constructed the museum’s building, Kostaki Palace, in the early 1900s. Since the structure was constructed by Italian architects, the majority of the materials were imported from Italy.

Ataturk’s Mansion

Designed as a summer residence with opulent and dazzling European symbols, Ataturk’s Mansion was constructed in the early 20th century and has elements of both European and Western Renaissance architecture. On June 11, 1930, while residing in this palace, Atatürk made the decision to donate all of his money to the Turkish government.

Tips for Traveling to Trabzon


Trabzon City Museum

The city’s newest and most remarkable museum is the Trabzon City Museum. The museum plays a significant role in promoting and maintaining Trabzon’s social life and cultural heritage. Museum is 1500 square meters in size and is divided into three floors. The museum offers an audio guide service with a history room that may be helpful to visitors.

House of Suleiman

Located in the neighborhood where Suleiman the Magnificent was born, the 19th-century House of Suleiman is currently being used as an exhibition hall. Suleiman’s home is adorned with elements that allude to Ottoman culture, including antique pictures of Trabzon and wax statues of sultans and battle-axes.

Gülbahar Hâtûn Mosque

Gülbahar Hâtûn Mosque is a magnificent sight situated in Kaykara, one of the most significant tourist destinations in Trabzon, Turkey. It was constructed in 1514 as a mausoleum and mosque in honor of Yavuz’s mother, Sultan Selim Gülbahar Hâtûn Uzungöl. Uzungöl consists of a settlement, hills, and a leisure area. The region has breathtaking travel and lodging options, including guesthouses for tourists, modest resort-style hotels, restaurants serving salmon, and scenic vistas.

Cal Cave

Cal Cave is one of the longest caverns in the world, complete with moving platforms and lighting. The air flows freely through the cave, showcasing breathtaking waterfalls, streams, and natural formations. It’s a true subterranean paradise.

Trabzon Cuisine

The hills and plateaus of Trabzon are popular tourist attractions because they offer chances for leisure, exploration, and physical activity.

Trabzon boasts a diverse cuisine that has been served for thousands of years by many ethnicities. This cuisine is noted for its anchovies; there are forty distinct anchovy dishes in Trabzon, in addition to hundreds of other well-known Turkish meals that include corn, turnip, green beans and hazelnuts. Travellers in the city are drawn to Trabzon cuisine.

Famous regional foods in Trabzon include kale soup, kuymak, stuffed turnip, fried anchovies, pilaf with anchovies and geo-branded products like Sumela pita and akcaabat meatballs and hamsikoy rice pudding. Among the most popular goods among travelers are the geographically specific goods vakfikebir bread and Yayık Butter.

This location is also connected with tea. The majority of Trabzon’s tea is grown in the east. For those who live in Trabzon, sipping tea from copper teapots while gazing out over the wonderful vista of the black and dark blue sea is an unrivalled source of delight.

Note: The city center has a wide selection of regional eateries. Explore Trabzon’s greatest flavors!

Tips for Traveling to Trabzon

Life in Trabzon

Rural communities are where handicrafts, which originated from two distinct places—rural and urban—stand out for their creations. Small enterprises in the area produce high-quality jeweler, woodworking, silk, linen, upholstery, keffiyeh, linen, and cotton. It is a local art that depends entirely on hand labor, which is made by knitting 0.08 micron thin 24 carat or 1000 carat silver wire with the help of needle and crochet. Kazaziye knitting shapes are modeled and designed according to the taste of the person who makes them. Kazaziye braids, which have a very elegant and elegant appearance, are also very durable. Bracelets in the Trabzon style are woven by employing specialized technology and appropriate equipment to weave thin wires of gold or silver.

Because the city is a port, the craftsmen have improved copper work in the area tremendously throughout the years. Major goods that are exclusive to the area are surmin knives, which are frequently created to order, and the most exquisite examples of traditional jeweler manufactured using techniques like kazaziye and talkari.

Best melancholy Karadeniz folk songs, which express the emotions and ideas of the residents, are occasionally sung by the locals. We either lose ourselves in our thoughts or start dancing merrily in the original key and melody of those songs.

Every engagement and wedding ceremony must include the horon dance, and carnivals and festivals cannot function without it. You should you chance upon one of the celebrations specifically planned in the Trabzon Heights, you will witness hundreds of people dancing wildly for hours on end, and you will be compelled to join them wholeheartedly. It is one of the most important values in the area; it shows the enthusiasm and common ground that occur at highland festivals, marriage ceremonies, and military service rituals.

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