Ramadan Tours in Turkey

Ramadan Tours in Turkey

Turkey is one of the countries with almost the most diversity of traditions in the world! Every city, neighborhood, street, region has its own traditions. Although sometimes these traditions differ even within families, they all exist to glorify sharing and tolerance. Ramadan is one of the times when we feel this most strongly.

Ramadan is celebrated as a month of religious and cultural fervour. During this period, stands selling religious books and Ramadan-specific ornaments are set up and a festive atmosphere can be felt for a month.

The fasting period from sunset to sunrise organizes most people’s schedules during this blessed month, as the nights are also livelier than usual. During this month, people attend Taraweeh prayers in their neighborhood mosques as well as the five daily prayers more regularly.

After midnight, the Ramadan drummers go around every town and village, waking the faithful to prepare for Sahur, the early morning meal that is eaten before fasting begins.

Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of the fast, is a three-day religious holiday. On the first day of Eid al-Fitr, many people get up early and put on their “festive” clothes, which they can buy specially for such special occasions, followed by a big Eid breakfast. The Eid breakfast represents the end of the fasting period. It is also customary to visit relatives, especially elders, and kiss their hands as a sign of respect. In some places, children go door to door, kiss the hands of the elders, and receive sweets and small pocket money in return.

Ramadan Tours in Turkey

What is the meaning of Ramadan? What is it related to Ramadan traditions?

Ramadan is considered a month of patience, worship, and fertility. Families come together more during special times such as Ramadan. Charity increases, and there are more conversations where people listen to each other, and love and respect each other. Among our Ramadan traditions, “gift” has an important place. Because Ramadan is mostly about sharing!

Ramadan means unity and solidarity. During this period until Eid, people embrace each other, break their fast at the same table, and enjoy being together and helping each other. Those who cannot be together with their families and who live on the other side of the world want to contribute to charity as an expression of unity of heart.

What are Ramadan traditions?

Handcrafted, handmade gifts are much more appreciated than products that are bought and packaged from somewhere. There are a thousand and one kinds of gifts. Perhaps the most beautiful ones are the heartfelt ones such as feeding the hungry, taking the food cooked at home to the neighbor, and sharing what you have with your loved ones. Your trip to Turkey coincided with Ramadan and there are many traditions and activities you will see. So, what are the very special Ramadan traditions from the past to the present?

Ramadan Tours in Turkey

Ramadan Drummer

Ramadan drummers are among the traditions that have survived from the past to the present. Although it is difficult to hear in big cities, the tradition of the Ramadan drummer continues in small towns. The folk songs and songs sung by the drummer, who enters the street to wake up the neighborhood, also make those who wake up happy. Some of them even keep a rhythm while beating the drum. These rhythms are followed by the sound of another drum from another neighborhood. Sahur time becomes much more enjoyable and nostalgic with the cheerful bickering of the drummers. By beating their drums, Ramadan drummers inform the people of the region that it is time for sahur.

Shadow Show

In the past, middle plays and shadow plays used to be performed in neighborhood squares after Ramadan until the tarawih prayer, especially to entertain children. Now some municipalities try to continue this tradition. Both adults and children have a lot of fun and have a pleasant time with the stage play organized immediately after the collective iftar. Especially Karagöz and Hacivat’s quarrels are different for people of all ages.

Karagöz and Hacivat are the main characters of traditional Turkish shadow theatre. Shadow theater became popular during the Ottoman period. Especially during Ramadan, many performances of Karagöz plays are staged.

Ramadan Ball Explosion

The tradition of throwing a cannon for iftar dates back to the Ottoman period, especially to the 1800s, and is still active in some provinces and villages.


During Ramadan, it is possible to read beautiful messages between the minarets of mosques. The messages in the mahyas, which bring the country together and bring everyone’s spiritual feelings to the surface, always contain the most special Ramadan wishes. In the old times, preparations for the mahyas used to start long before Ramadan. This important tradition representing Ramadan continues in mosques in many cities.

Ramadan Tours in Turkey

Ramadan Pita

Usually, bakeries produce Ramadan pita bread only during the blessed fasting month. Close to iftar time, queues form in front of the bakeries for this freshly baked, hot round bread sprinkled with sesame seeds. Ramadan pita bread comes out of the oven close to iftar.

Ottoman Sherbet

Ottoman sherbet is a traditional Ramadan drink with a history of over 600 years. It is made using a wide variety of fruits and spices such as cinnamon, tamarind, hibiscus, ginger, rose, liquorice, cranberry, pomegranate, quince, and lavender, and sweetened with honey or sugar. This refreshing drink remains an indispensable part of modern Ramadan menus.

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