Gastro-Tourism Stops in Turkey

You’re Gastro-Tourism Stops in Turkey

Gastronomic tourism is a tourism activity characterized by visitors’ experience of food-related products and activities while traveling. Besides authentic, traditional, or innovative culinary experiences, Gastro-Tourism can also include other related activities such as visiting local producers, attending food festivals, and attending cooking classes.

Istanbul Cuisine”; Turkish Cuisine is the combination of Ottoman Palace Cuisine and the cuisines of the communities that have lived in the city for centuries. In Istanbul Cuisine, which embodies gastronomic riches, “delicacies with olive oil, appetizers, fish dishes, Ottoman Cuisine dishes cooked with dried fruits and nuts, and a rich breakfast culture with Turkish Tea and Turkish Coffee” stand out as distinctive tastes.

Gastro-Tourism Stops in Turkey

A Worldwide Taste Stop

When it comes to gastro-tourism in our country, the first place that comes to mind is Gaziantep. Gaziantep is one of the popular stops of recent years, with its historical streets, bazaars where you can see different examples of handicrafts, and museums that will take you on a unique cultural journey.

The region, which has an ancient and deep-rooted history, is a place that has hosted many civilizations. For this reason, the city’s cultural richness is also reflected in its food and beverage culture.

The region, one of the flavor capitals of Turkey, is one of the prominent routes of gastronomy tourism with its delicious dishes and local cuisine. The city’s cuisine is so rich that it is known to have more than 250 types of dishes.

In addition, Gaziantep is also on UNESCO’sCreative Cities Network” list. That’s why this is a truly different and special stop. Tastes such as eggplant kebab, beyran, stuffed meatballs, simit kebab, nesting, sour meatballs, pistachio katmer, baklava, and şöbiyet are among the flavors you should try when you come here.

Gastro-Tourism Stops in Turkey

A Cultural Mosaic Hatay

Hatay, located on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Region, is one of the regions called the “cultural mosaic” of our country. It is known that the region, whose history dates back to ancient times, has been used as a settlement since the Paleolithic Period. In addition, this is a place that hosted historical civilizations such as the Hittites and Romans.

Hatay, also known as the “City of Brotherhood”, was selected as the “City of Peace” by UNESCO. Therefore, this is a region where people live in tolerance and have a deep-rooted culture.

The local flavors of the city, which have a multicultural texture, appeal to every palate. Hatay, which is a bridge between Southeastern Anatolia and the Mediterranean, reflects this multiculturalism in its cuisine.

Just like Gaziantep, Hatay is on UNESCO’s “Creative Cities Network” list and is considered a gastronomy capital. The main local flavors of Hatay are hummus, fellah meatballs, paper kebab, belen pan, sour vaccine, firik pilaf, haylan pumpkin, tray kebab, covered lahmacun, kaytaz pastry, muhammara, and kunefe.

Rakı and fish beneath the Galata Bridge

There might be a lot of bustle and chaos around the Galata Bridge. Buses, automobiles, and the tramway trundle back and forth between Karakoy and Eminonu above the bridge. Fishermen throng the bridge day and night, tossing in their lines and taking a chance in the chilly waters of the Golden Horn. The mosque calls, ferries roar, and seagulls soar. As you cross the bridge, your senses are assaulted once more. “Yes please!” “You look hungry!” as well as “Just take a glance at my menu!” Choose the restaurant and table with the most attractive atmosphere and the most seductive location and enjoy “ala Turka” while sipping raki flavored with anise and enjoying a round of Meze and freshly grilled fish. The ideal location to watch the sunset over the old Istanbul minarets and domes while the boats navigate the waterways. Ask about the worth of the fish when placing your order because many of the dishes at these places will be pricey. Snab a table along the water to enjoy breathtaking views of Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Palace. Here, you’re going to get one of the best-tasting pieces of fish you’ve ever had!

Gastro-Tourism Stops in Turkey

Unique Grape Juice Experience

The internationally renowned and prize-winning Turasan Winery is located in Urgup. It has been gaining attention lately for its June Wine Festival. Turkey is gradually improving its wine business and picking up where the Greeks left off when they departed the planet about 85 years ago. The red wines of Turasan are excellent. For a delicious Pinot-style wine that’s ideal for a late-afternoon meal, try the 2005 Kalecik Karasi. Don’t miss the Orient Restaurant in Goreme for their mouthwatering dishes and excellent selection of regional wines.

Testi Kebab in Cappadocia

The Testi Kebab is one unique meal you won’t want to miss. Combining the livestock and pottery industries of the area, five hours are spent cooking beef or lamb with vegetables within a sealed ceramic vessel over hot coals. When it’s time, an enormous cleaver at your table is used to carefully and efficiently crack open the vessel. Rice is offered with the tender meat. Not only is the testi kebab at Şömine Restaurant in Urgup highly praised, but its other meals are also highly recommended.


Midye dolma in the Mediterranean and Aegean

This summer, if you travel to any part of Turkey near the Aegean or Mediterranean shore, you might come across midye dolma merchants who have bright lemons and purple mussels arranged beautifully on a small improvised table. They are occasionally stacked on ice. Dolma, which translates to “stuffed” in Turkish, are tiny morsels that are steam-cooked until they are fully exposed and bursting with a spicy rice mixture and pink mussel meat. There are two sizes of mussels available, with the smaller ones usually costing 4 lira and the larger ones 5 lira. You usually approach the small stand prepared just for mussels and indicate with your finger the size you want. After that, the seller will break the shell and put one under the rice and meat. After a quick squeeze of lemon, it gives you fresh stuffed mussels. Discard the peel, using it as a makeshift spoon. But wait! And another stuffed mussel is ready to eat. After all, he will continue to do things quickly until you signal him to stop. After counting the empty casings, pay the person. Sometimes in the dead of night, Midye Dolma can be discovered in seaside towns, particularly close to pubs and bars. They can occasionally be ordered from restaurants’ appetizer (meze) menu if you’re not comfortable eating while driving.

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