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A Different Accommodation Model: Tiny House

Simplicity, sustainability, environmental friendliness, and minimalism are concepts we have heard frequently in recent years. Of course, these concepts also bring new trends. Tiny House also finds its place among the trends created by these concepts.

This accommodation style, essentially a philosophy of life, is now also preferred as a holiday accommodation model. Tiny houses, which are very popular abroad, have recently started to be in demand in our country. Additionally, considering the pandemic conditions and social isolation rules, we can say that it stands out as a suitable option for accommodation.

It has opened a different field not only in individual use but also in the tourism sector with its accommodation type. If you are wondering what the tiny house experience is like in Turkey, we have prepared many travel routes for you where you can experience this experience. So, what is a tiny house? First, let’s talk about this a little bit.

Tiny House: Small Living Spaces

As the name suggests, a tiny house means “small house“. A concept that started to be discussed in the USA towards the end of the 1970s, but did not find a place on the agenda due to the “increasing consumption” approach brought by the Industrial Revolution. Only in the second half of the 1990s did it come to the agenda again.

This lifestyle, which supports minimal living, consumes less and considers the environment, has become more preferred after the global economic crises. Since tiny house prices are more affordable than a normal house, people inevitably turn to these houses. Apart from this situation, it is also trendy, especially for those who want to spend time in nature, away from the chaos of the city.

In addition to different types of accommodation such as bungalows, shell houses, and glamping, tiny houses can also be used for holiday purposes. Of course, you need to experience it first, then you can decide on your lifestyle. For this experience, we immediately move on to our tiny house routes.

Tiny House

Istanbul: A Nice Weekend Getaway

If you say “Let me not get too far from the city and smell the nature”, we can say that there are many places in Istanbul where you can have a tiny house experience. It is a nice alternative, especially for weekends.

There are tiny house accommodations that you can choose from in the Polonezköy and Maltepe districts. You can find houses of different sizes according to your needs. In most of these houses, you can even see details that will add pleasure to your pleasure such as a jacuzzi and air conditioning, which we can consider luxury.

Imagine going on a Friday after work… There is everything you need in a tiny house. You are already bored with the crowd, and you don’t want to see more. A forest surrounds you, the front of the house you go to is a garden, and the smell of coffee comes from the tiny kitchen. Isn’t it like a dream?

Izmir: In the Holiday, Away from the Crowd

With its nature, climate, and culture, Izmir is one of the most preferred regions for summer holidays. The tiny houses here are among the olive trees in nature. Close to the places preferred for summer, but also far away from the crowd.

There are tiny house holiday options in districts such as Ödemiş, Urla, Bayındır, and Seferihisar in Izmir. After choosing one of these points, you can cook in your kitchen and have breakfast with the vegetables you collect from your garden. Afterward, you can take a nature walk on the paths in the forest. If you come in winter, the nostalgia of the wood stove awaits you.

These places, where sunrises and sunsets are beautiful, promise you real peace. Since most of the businesses here consist of one or two houses, you are far away from the crowd.

Tiny House

Sapanca: A Stop to Stay Alone with Nature

Sapanca, which is one of the stops to be alone with nature; offers a pleasant time with its lake view and hiking trails. You can also do trekking here if you wish. If you want to stay in small cozy houses and explore nature, this place is for you! You can even visit natural wonders such as Kartepe and Maşukiye because they are very close to Sapanca.

It is also possible to witness the change of nature with the arrival of autumn. If camping is too tiring for a weekend getaway and you don’t want to stay in a hotel, you now have a very good alternative. But it is useful to remind you: Some of the houses have mezzanine floors and children under the age of 4 are not accepted in such houses as this situation may pose a danger.

Sapanca is a region with many options for tiny houses. The easiest way to reach Sapanca for a calm, peaceful, minimal holiday option is to contact Gazali Turizm.

Muğla, the Address of a Pleasant Holiday

Muğla is a place where travelers often prefer to spend their holidays. Its sea and nature are indescribable. For these reasons, it is of course a tourism paradise. The tiny house trend would be very incomplete if it did not stop here.

Göcek, Fethiye, Gökova, Akyaka, Kayaköy… There are many tiny house accommodation options in these beautiful places where even seeing their names is enough to make us thirsty for a holiday. Of course, some facilities may have a single house, some may have more than one house. Some establishments are also pet-friendly. This means that you can take your pet with you on holiday and have a good time together.

Some houses have sky windows to do justice to nature. If you can’t get the idea of sleeping watching the stars out of your mind, take a look here. There are also various comfort-enhancing options such as a fire pit in the garden of some houses and a pool in others.

Few options, very detailed, luxurious, or simple; but all of them are in nature and tiny places. Locations that can be preferred to accumulate a few memories that you can spend in peace. If you like calmness and the peace that nature gives you, you can evaluate the tine house holiday options of Muğla, the depiction of paradise.

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