Caravan Places Close to Istanbul

Caravan Places Close to Istanbul

Everyone’s dream is to travel by caravan. It is interesting to both travel and stay in the vehicle you travel with, especially camping spots close to Istanbul. Everyone has dreamed of staying in a caravan at some point in their life. Some people travel with great passion, while others experience little or nothing. Because the spirit of the caravan is different, people essentially like to be free. Every human soul longs for freedom. Traveling by caravan is similar. There won’t be a place that keeps you tied to one spot, where you have to store your belongings or where you have to take a shower. Everything is in one vehicle! Yes, we know it sounds good.

Caravan Venues

Of course, some experiences in caravan travel can have negative results, this is usually due to not being familiar with caravan travel. For example, you may not know how to save electricity or be unable to use the heater very well. In this case, extremely cold weather may cause your heater to malfunction or cause a power outage. As you know, the shower needs solar energy to work. For this reason, we believe that it will be much more enjoyable to experience this experience once in the summer, especially for those who prefer caravans during the winter months. While editing this article about caravan travel, we wanted to give you a list of caravan places close to Istanbul. We will be talking about the five best caravan venue names. Let’s start!

Caravan Places Close to Istanbul

Bolu – Abant – Yedigöller

Yedigöller National Park is one of the most beautiful places that can be preferred for caravan and tent camping, not just in one season, but in every season and every month throughout the year. There are generally more daily visitors to Bolu Abant. We are sure that every visitor looks at the caravanners with envy. Because everything is revealed when the surroundings become quiet. In the evenings, when the weather gets cooler, a delicious campfire, great herbal tea and light music. You should go to Yedigöller National Park, where nature offers you miraculous beauties. Camping areas under the control of the Regional Directorate of Forestry in Bolu; Yedigöller National Park Bolu, Abant Nature Park Abant, Aladağ-Göksu Forest Recreation Area, Karagöl Forest Recreation Area Kıbrısçık, Şirinyazı Pond.

Şile – Ağva – Riva

You can see people staying with caravans in camping areas located close to Ağva Center. Yes, you looked at them with envy, we know. Ağva is one of the caravan centers close to Istanbul. You can rent a caravan for the weekend and keep yourself away from the noise of the metropolitan city. Ağva camping areas, which have a magnificent sea, also have restaurants, markets, etc. So, you can use a restaurant for meals or make a quick meal yourself in the caravan. Isn’t this great? If you want a mini holiday somewhere nearby without getting too far from Istanbul, you can spend your weekend pleasantly here.

Ballıkayalar Nature Park – Gebze

Yes, this time we will recommend a place approximately 40-50 minutes away from Istanbul. Gebze is at the forefront with its beauties, as we must all have read on different blog sites. There are so many places to visit, so many places, and nature is still untouched. Is it distant from people? The subject is always wondered. Yes, at some points you can enjoy the silence away from people. A good place for caravan travel. There is no camping area in Ballıkayalar Nature Park, but tents are usually set up in the park. It is possible to see traces of wildlife, especially while walking in the park. We want to remind you that it is approximately 1 kilometer from the famous Rabbit Village.

Caravan Places Close to Istanbul

Kocaeli – Sardala Bay

While we are talking about Gebze, we wanted to make suggestions for caravan places in Kocaeli before we go too far. Sardala Bay, which can be easily visited by anyone residing in Istanbul and its surroundings, is only 1 hour away from Istanbul. You may not want to stay in one spot for your RV trip. In our opinion, two locations close to each other may be preferred, especially for the weekend. Sardala Bay will fascinate you with its exquisite view. It can be said that there are no restaurants nearby, so caravan travel is indispensable. The kitchen is already with you, how wonderful…

Kırklareli – İğneada Floodplain Forests

Floodplain forests are one of the fascinating forests that everyone watches with admiration. İğneada, the center of which hosts the world’s largest floodplain forest, is very close to Istanbul. Local people use the name “Subasar” for this place. Here’s why: The floor of the Longozlar forests is covered with water. They are mostly formed in places close to the sea and they block the sand brought by the waters to the mouth of the stream as a dam and are known as such. We recommend that you not only see the forest but also visit the lakes in İğneada. There are six different lakes within the İğneda Longoz Forest, named Saka, Mert, Pedina, Hamam, Deniz and Erikli. A great place for caravan travel.

We hope our article on caravan places close to Istanbul was useful for you, have a pleasant trip in advance!

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