Rising Value in Tourism: Ecotourism

Once we feel the joy, freedom and happiness of being on the road, we are forever changed. We want to renew those feelings and relive them over and over again, constantly traveling.

However, problems such as the rapid increase in the world population, global climate changes, and natural disasters lead to a change in the tourism sector and travel perception, leading to the emergence of new trends and alternative tourism destinations.

In this article, we will examine concepts such as ecotourism, green and sustainable travel, which have become quite common and require sensitivity to natural areas; we will pursue the visual feast offered by nature and local cultures. If you are ready, let’s start and detail these concepts, which are one of the travel trends of recent years.

What is Sustainable Tourism?

Tourism is the most important source of income and job potential in many countries. However, problems such as industrial wastes spreading all over the world, deterioration of ecological balance and destruction of cultural heritage have led to the emergence of a different way of thinking.

As individuals who enjoy traveling, we sometimes forget the responsibilities that come with the right to travel. The concept of sustainable travel or tourism emerges at this point and expresses awareness.

According to the World Tourism Organization, the concept of sustainable travel; it aims to protect biodiversity, basic ecological processes, cultural integrity and to ensure that all resources are managed in line with economic, social and aesthetic needs.

The concept of sustainable travel, which overlaps with the concepts of ecotourism or green travel and shares similar principles, also covers all kinds of travel forms and destinations, from crowded cities to green forests.

Let’s take a look at the distinction between ecotourism and sustainable travel and look at the principles of ecotourism.

Rising Value in Tourism Ecotourism


What are the Differences Between Ecotourism and Sustainable Travel?

To put it simply, ecotourism is a “responsible” form of travel aimed at protecting the natural environment, wildlife and culture of local people. Sustainable travel, on the other hand, is more inclusive and is a form of tourism that occurs between environmental, economic, socio-cultural aspects. At this point, we can say that ecotourism is a part of sustainable travel or tourism.

To talk about the basis of the difference between the two… Sustainability tourism means much more than the need to be nature-friendly and protective. Sustainable travel; It requires being responsible to the environment, nature, the world we live in, and even our society.

Sustainability tourism; while it aims to maximize environmental integrity, social justice and the regional economy, ecotourism describes a more individual effort.

Why Should We Care About Ecotourism Tourism?

We should care about sustainable travel primarily for the planet we live in and then for future generations. More than ever, we need a clean and healthy world where the ecological balance is not disturbed, local cultures can be preserved, and historical values can survive.

Through responsible behavior and actions that can help maintain the balance of the ecosystem, we can reduce negative impacts on nature. Of course, the tourism industry is evolving every day and more people are getting the chance to travel, but we need to be more responsible today in case we need a place to go tomorrow.

In addition, protecting local peoples and cultures not only benefits these communities, but also gives us opportunities to have different experiences.

There are also things you can do in terms of these travel applications that attach importance to ecological balance, economy and social environment; but first, let’s talk about carbon emissions that harm our ecosystem.

What is Carbon Emission?

When it comes to carbon emissions, different things come to mind, but carbon emission is actually greenhouse gas emissions and in the simplest sense, it means the release of these gases into the atmosphere. Carbon molecules are found in the vast majority of greenhouse gases. For example, in the Kyoto Protocol, carbon molecules are found in 4 of the 6 gases called greenhouse gases.

The main reasons for the increase in carbon emissions and greenhouse gases in the world are;

  • Uncontrolled population growth,
  • Industrialization
  • Increase in global energy demand,
  • Increasing need for urbanization,
  • Decrease in green areas,
  • It is the uncontrolled release of gases into nature.
  • In addition, the bags we use in grocery shopping, the perfumes and deodorants we use every day, and even the plastics that are the raw materials of shoes release carbon into the atmosphere.

Carbon emissions cause harmful gases to mix with the atmosphere, prevent air circulation, slow down activities in the atmosphere and deteriorate the properties of the atmosphere, which leads to climate problems. For example, as carbon emissions increase, the problem of global warming deepens. As a result of the effects of global warming, glaciers melt, animals become extinct, and living life is at risk. In other words, by showing a domino effect, life on earth is endangered.

Some of the actions you can take within the philosophy of “Reduce, reuse and recycle” to prevent the amount of carbon we personally leave into the atmosphere are as follows:

Rising Value in Tourism Ecotourism

You Can Be Careful with Your Waste

Glass bottles or plastics thrown into nature pose a serious problem for our planet. So much so that plastic waste in the Pacific Ocean covers an area twice the size of Turkey. Therefore, the primary action you can take to make your travels greener and more sustainable is to be sensitive about recycling.

Some wastes take thousands of years to disappear from nature. That’s why you can make it a habit to dispose of your waste properly not only in your travels but also in your daily life.

You Can Stay in Nature-Friendly Places

We like to pamper ourselves from time to time and may like to exaggerate, but in terms of sustainable travel, being eco-friendly is the first must. Therefore, you can choose hotels, hostels or holiday villages that offer and serve nature-friendly accommodation during your travel.

You Can Make Your Journeys With Fewer Items

Often, we pack a large suitcase, even for a short vacation or trip. We take with us dresses, shoes, accessories that we will never wear. However, you should remember that if your load is light, the vehicles you use for travel will also be light. This lightness is positively reflected in issues such as carbon emissions and fuel consumption.

You Can Mingle With The Locals On Your Travels

Being a part of the local culture in a place you travel can help you learn new things, and this kind of sharing can give you different meanings. By participating in volunteer programs in the places you travel, you can see more interesting places through community activities, get to know new people and experience the joy of helping other people.

Now that we have examined concepts such as sustainable tourism and green travel, let’s look at the cities and routes of Turkey where ecotourism stands out, shall we?

Turkey’s Best Tourism Routes

In our country, which is full of natural beauties on all sides, there are quite different businesses that come to the fore with their ecotourism practices. Efficient energy, water, waste management; We have compiled for you the best ecological tourism routes in Turkey, which operate in the fields of using natural resources in a way that respects nature and supporting the acquisition of environmental awareness.

Rising Value in Tourism Ecotourism

Kartepe, Izmit

Kartepe, which attracts a lot of attention in the winter months, is actually one of the routes that should be preferred in the summer months. Offering activities such as golf, camping, horse riding, cycling, water skiing and trekking, you can also take a forest walk in the summer months in Kartepe. There is also an ATV option to travel in the forest.

Thermal, Yalova

Yalova, where the sea and nature are intertwined, is one of the most beautiful summer routes of the Marmara Region. In addition to the sea, it also has hot spring waters that are believed to be healing. Thanks to the very warm hot spring waters, you can enter the outdoor pools even in winter.

Hidirnebi Plateau Ecotourism Road (Trabzon)

Located in Trabzon, the Hıdırnebi Plateau Ecotourism Road is flooded by many local and foreign tourists, especially in the summer months. Hıdırnebi, which is also a favorite of photography enthusiasts with its rich vegetation and forests, is perfect for nature tourism lovers.

Çandır, Mugla

It is another village of lush Muğla, located close to Köyceğiz. You can also take a walk here by going to the Çandır region by boat from Köyceğiz Lake. The lake is suitable for swimming and there are picnic areas around it.

Oylat Ecotourism Area (Bursa)

The Oylat, which has a lush nature with its various trees, is definitely a spot that should be preferred with its clean air and magnificent view. Oylat Waterfall, one of the most famous waterfalls in the Marmara Region, flows from a height of about 10-15 meters and adds a pleasant coolness to the surroundings. It is not possible to return from your visit to Oylat without visiting the homemade products in the market and eating stuffed figs, which is a taste unique to the region.

Büyükada Ecotourism Area (Istanbul)

It is located in Büyükada, one of the 9 islands of Istanbul, known as the Princes’ Islands. The ecotourism area, which attracts attention with its forests and rich vegetation, is one of the places preferred by Istanbulites to escape from city life. Activities such as scientific tours, photography, nature tourism, nature sports and mountain biking can also be done in Büyükada.

Alanya Sapadere Ecotourism Area (Antalya)

Alanya Sapadere Ecotourism Area, which is a unique option for hiking, is ideal for a day visit. In addition to walking, visitors can also do cycling, photography, nature tourism and nature sports in the ecotourism area.

Domanic Migration Route Ecotourism Area (Kütahya)

The Domanic Migration Route Ecotourism Area in Kütahya is located on the historical migration routes of the Kayi Boyu, to which Osman Gazi, the founder of the Ottoman Empire, belonged. The ecotourism area is also suitable for activities such as picnics, photography, nature tourism, adventure area and mountain biking.

Rising Value in Tourism Ecotourism

Köyceğiz, Mugla

Köyceğiz is a quiet and popular holiday destination with its natural beauty and charming architecture. In addition, with its beaches, hot springs, plateaus, bays and historical ruins; An ideal route to relax and sightsee. Be sure to check the weather forecast before you go because Köyceğiz is the place that receives the most rain in our country after Rize. Among the places to visit; There are beauties such as Kaunos Ancient City, Sultaniye Hot Spring, Köyceğiz Ekincik, Gökçeova Pond, Ölemez Mountain, Köyceğiz Lake and Köyceğiz Yuvarlakçay.

Princes’ Road, Amasya

The city is divided into two by the Green River. On the banks of the river is the Princes’ Road. Since Amasya played a role as the city where the princes mostly went to receive their education during the Ottoman period, there are busts of the princes on the road.

Seben Plateau, Bolu

Lake Seben is the largest lake in the region. Kartalkaya, one of the most preferred ski slopes, is also located within the borders of Seben. In our opinion, one of the most different places is the Hoçaş Village Fossil Forest. It is located 16 km from Seben. The fossil forest, which consists of petrified tree trunks of various sizes, is of scientific importance in terms of learning about the history of the world and the changes that the lands on which it is lived have undergone.

Coruh, Artvin

In Artvin, located in the Eastern Black Sea, you can encounter many natural wonders such as snow-capped mountains, the Coruh River, valleys, canyons, and crater lakes formed on the top of the mountains. Don’t forget to try rafting and canoeing on the Coruh River.

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