Trabzon Local Dishes

Trabzon Local Dishes

Trabzon is one of the important cities of the Black Sea Region and is famous for its local flavors. Here you can find seafood, meat dishes and different flavors. Here are some local dishes you should try in Trabzon:

Hamsikoy Rice Pudding

Sütlac (Rice Pudding) is a widely known rice dessert in Turkish cuisine. However, Hamsiköy Rice Pudding is known for its unique flavor and way of making.

Hamsiköy Rice Pudding is prepared primarily by using cow’s milk, rice, sugar and vanilla. Rice is cooked with milk. The mixture is boiled until it thickens. It is sweetened by adding sugar and vanilla. After being removed from the stove, it is left to cool. Once cooled, it is usually served in bowls or ceramic cups. It can be served by sprinkling cinnamon on top or with snacks such as hazelnuts/pistachios.

Hamsiköy Rice Pudding has a creamy consistency and is slightly denser than the classic rice pudding. It has a soft and smooth texture. Hamsiköy is a town of Trabzon famous for its natural beauties. The rice pudding made here stands out with its taste and quality.

Hamsiköy Rice Pudding can be found in restaurants, cafes and specialty confectionery shops in and around Trabzon.


Akcaabat Meatballs

Akçaabat Meatballs is a meat dish unique to Trabzon’s Akcaabat district. It is a delicacy made by blending finely ground beef with special spices and shaping it into meatballs. Among the features of meatballs are that it has a soft and juicy texture and a rich aroma with a special spice mix.

Akçaabat Meatballs is usually served with roasted green peppers and fresh bread on the side. Along with the meal, rice or various salads can be preferred.


Black Sea Pita

It is a type of pita unique to the Black Sea Region and is widely consumed in Trabzon cuisine. Karadeniz Pide is a delicious dish prepared by adding various ingredients on a thin and crispy dough.

The dough of Karadeniz Pidesi is usually made by mixing basic ingredients such as flour, water, yeast and salt. After the dough is kneaded, it is rolled out thinly. Ingredients such as cheese, eggs, sausage, sausage, tomatoes, peppers are placed on it. Then the pita is baked in the oven and a crispy crust is formed.

Ingredients in Karadeniz Pide may vary. Some are made with cheese only, while others are prepared with richer ingredients. Black Sea Pita with Cheese is the most common version and fresh Black Sea cheese is usually used.

You can find Black Sea Pide in pide shops in Trabzon and other Black Sea cities. These pitas, which are usually baked in special stone ovens, are served hot and fresh.


Laz Pastry

Laz pastry dessert unique to the Black Sea Region. It is widely consumed especially in cities such as Rize, Trabzon and Artvin. It is a pastry made by putting butter and cheese between thin layers of phyllo.

The preparation of Laz Böreği first starts with the preparation of thin sheets of phyllo. Melted butter is spread between the layers of phyllo and then cheese (usually curd or feta cheese) is sprinkled. This process is repeated layer by layer to form a pastry. The prepared pastry is baked in the oven until golden brown.

Laz Böreği has a crumbly outer crust and a delicious flavor with the cheese inside. When consumed while hot, a delicious aroma emerges as the cheese melts. It is usually a preferred snack for breakfast or tea time.

You can find Laz Böreği in patisseries and dessert shops in Trabzon, Rize and other Black Sea cities.


Muhlama (Kuymak)

It is a dish unique to the Black Sea Region and is one of the indispensable tastes of Trabzon cuisine. Prepared with basic ingredients such as corn flour, butter and Trabzon cheese, this dish is a preferred flavor especially for breakfasts.

Muhlama is very simple to make. First, butter is melted in a pan and cornmeal is added to it. The cornmeal is roasted with butter and the mixture begins to thicken. Then Trabzon cheese is added and mixed, allowing the cheese to melt. Muhlama prepared in this way is served hot.

Muhlama is a dish with a thick consistency, warm and milky scent. Trabzon cheese adds a unique taste and flavor to Muhlama. It is usually served with fresh bread or cornbread.

You can find Muhlama in restaurants and breakfast places in Trabzon and other Black Sea cities.


Anchovy is a fish that is particularly popular in the Black Sea region. It is generally consumed by cooking in various ways. Here are some common anchovy dishes:

Anchovy Pan: Anchovy fish are dipped in flour and fried. It has a fresh and crunchy flavor. It can be served with lemon and arugula.

Anchovy Rice: Anchovy fish is cooked with rice. Anchovies are added to the pilaf, cooked together and served.

Anchovy Soup: After cleaning the anchovy fish, it is boiled with various vegetables. It is then served with a squeeze of lemon on top.

Steamed Anchovy: Anchovy fish is steamed with onions, peppers and spices. It is an oil-free and light meal.

Grilled Anchovy: Anchovy fish is grilled after cleaning. Served with lemon juice.

Stuffed Anchovy: Anchovy fish is cleaned and stuffed with rice, onions and spices. It is then cooked in the oven or on the stove.


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