Souvenirs That Will Make Your Trip to Turkey Unforgettable

Souvenirs That Will Make Your Trip to Turkey Unforgettable


Tourist souvenir products are all categories of items that people buy as souvenirs in order to remember what they experienced during their travels, which carry the historical, cultural, social structure, lifestyle and characteristics specific to the region of the region where the trip was made. The products, which are usually in a size and design that can be easily carried in a travel suitcase, consist of types of souvenirs for family members, friends, friends or memories taken for home.

Tourists from home and abroad usually travel for cultural, historical, natural or holiday purposes and do activities such as sightseeing, recreation and shopping for tourist souvenirs in the places they visit. The word tourist has been transferred to all languages from the word “touriste”, which is derived from the French word tour “wandering, looping”. In French, the word touriste means “someone who travels for pleasure and curiosity”. No matter where you go in the world, this word is the name given to a person who plans or performs a trip to a place far from the settlement.

Today, when the socio-economic cultural structures of societies are changing rapidly, the increase in the level of culture and prosperity, developing technological means, fast and comfortable types of travel have increased the research power of man. As a result of increasing travel combined with a sense of pleasure and curiosity, tourists have contributed to the formation of commercial activities that affect a fairly wide area. One of the most important branches of these commercial activities created by tourist trips and called the Tourism Industry is the tourist souvenir sector.

Souvenirs That Will Make Your Trip to Turkey Unforgettable

People make travel plans at home or abroad on public holidays such as New Year’s Eve, holidays, or during periods when they are on leave for various reasons during the year, thanks to the developing travel standards. While traveling for their purposes within the limited period of their trip, they also buy themed tourist souvenir products belonging to the places they are going. There are many gift shops filled with tourist souvenir products especially in the region where entertainment, history, culture, sightseeing, observation, sports purposes are going to travel. Starting from terminals, airports, marinas, on the busiest streets and in the places where shopping centers are located, museums, parks, historical places, Sundays, next to the famous products of the region, city-themed tourist souvenirs products are offered for sale on their shelves.

Many stores and businesses that sell tourist gift products that are in demand by domestic and foreign tourists receive all the collections they put up for sale through gift wholesalers that produce themed tourist gifts. Individually, everyone buys tourist gifts and souvenirs for decorative and use purposes, such as themed magnets, keychains, bottle openers, mugs, glasses, local soaps, trays, textiles, trinkets, wall ornaments belonging to the region from these shops. Due to the baggage limit on trips, he usually prefers to take lightweight and easily portable types.

What are Tourist Souvenirs?

In each city of seven different regions in Turkey, there are local tourist gift products with their own unique, rich content and variety according to the history, culture, climate and natural structure of the region where they are located. Thanks to the social structure, which is a complete mosaic of culture, completely local and regional designs are produced with handicrafts dating back to ancient civilizations. There are historical areas included in the Unesco World Heritage list, geographically marked products and places that have become famous around the world. For this reason, it offers a wide range of tourist souvenirs inspired by rich historical and cultural themes in every region for all domestic and foreign visitors.

The Marmara Region is located in the center of the two important straits connecting the Asian and European continents, and contains the busiest city centers of historical, cultural, entertainment, art and commercial trips, especially Istanbul, one of the largest metropolises. Marmara Region is one of the most lively areas worldwide due to the fact that it also hosts the transfer points of international trips. There are millions of tourist entrances and exits traveling for different purposes every day through ports, airports, railway stations, terminals, Istanbul and the Dardanelles Straits. There are many types of tourist gift products related to Istanbul, Bursa, Edirne, Balikesir, Çanakkale, Sakarya, Tekirdağ, Kırklareli, Söğüt, Akçay, Altınoluk, Ayvalık, Avşa, Bozcaada, Burhaniye, which cover all the themes of the region where gastronomic tourism is also intense.

Traditional products can be found in historical bazaars such as Grand Bazaar, Egyptian Bazaar, Aynali bazaar for hundreds of years, and all kinds of products can be found in shops selling tourist souvenirs located in modern shopping centers and streets. Products such as magnets, Decoys, keychains, mirrors, coasters, flags, baubles-sculptures, wallets, purse hangers, coffee cups, trays, bowls, in which themes and visuals belonging to each region stand out, are the most preferred products among tourist gifts. No matter which city you travel to in the Marmara Region with its outdoor or indoor historical or modern bazaars, you may have to buy additional luggage to take the tourist souvenir products you have bought. Oct.

One of the places where cities and towns in all coastal and inland regions, especially Antalya, which carries the warm spirit of the Mediterranean, experience a heavy influx of visitors is the Mediterranean Region. Alanya, Side, Finike, Demre, Kekova, Kaş and Kalkan are very famous with their historical and natural texture in Antalya, which is the longest coastline in the region where nature and marine tourism are active in all seasons with its extraordinary bays, where the sea can be accessed every month of the year on the beaches where the sun is not lacking, Alanya, Side, Finike, Demre, Kekova, Kaş and Kalkan are active.

Souvenirs That Will Make Your Trip to Turkey Unforgettable

Burdur, Isparta, Mersin, Adana, Hatay, Osmaniye, Kahramanmaraş are also among our cities visited by the most tourists from all over the world in the region. Tourist gifts such as mugs, coffee sets, tea sets, magnets, shot cups, photo frames that contain the themes of cities can be bought that are easily transported and take up little space. When returning home from our cities in the Mediterranean region, you may be surprised by the variety of tourist souvenirs and remain undecided.

It is our region with the most provinces on the borders of the Black Sea Region, where there are eighteen provinces in three different geographical regions. Due to its high mountains and forested areas, rainy and mild climate, it is one of the most preferred places for extreme sports such as highland and camping tourism, rafting, tracking. It offers different beauties to your eyes with its lake landscapes, waterfalls, natural beauties consisting of a thousand and one shades of green and blue, cultural heritage and historical structures that inspire the paintings of painters every season. Themed magnets, trophies, keychains, trays, nihale, ashtrays, decorative boxes specific to Black Sea cities can be taken. The tourist souvenir products you buy on your return from the Black Sea Region may push the limits of your suitcase.

The Aegean region, where there are the most beautiful reefs and aquarium bays in the world, is the place where domestic and foreign tourists travel the most, especially in summer. In the coastal Aegean Region, where history, nature and marine tourism are widespread, millions of local and foreign tourists welcome Muğla, Aydın and all other provinces, especially Izmir, which is the favorite of the region. Each of the Aegean towns with blue flag beaches, bays, places full of extraordinary natural beauty in important districts such as Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Cesme, Didim, Kusadasi, Datca, whose population passes through the city centers to which it depends during long vacation periods, are among the most popular tourism and vacation destinations.

You can buy tourist souvenir products such as magnets, mugs, bottle openers, cup holders, raki cups, tea and coffee sets for your loved ones as gifts in the region with a rich content on tourist gifts. You are looking for a place to carry what you have bought in the Aegean Region, where you will want to buy every beautiful and delicious product that catches your eyes in local bazaars, boutique shops, shopping malls.

With the magical cities where the heart of Anatolia beats, the Central Anatolian Region comes to the fore with its very different riches. The capital Ankara and Sivas, Eskişehir, Kayseri, Konya, Kırıkkale, Aksaray, Karaman, Kırşehir, Yozgat, Çankırı are our cities on the borders of the region. The region, filled with the epics of ancient civilizations such as Hittite, Urartu and ancient knowledge, is especially famous for pottery and handicrafts. Nevşehir, the region called Cappadocia, which means the Land of Beautiful Horses in Persian on the borders of Niğde, is the beating place of the historical and cultural nature tourism.

Souvenirs That Will Make Your Trip to Turkey Unforgettable

You can buy Hittite sun testicles, casserole, pottery, sausage, bacon, biscuits, chocolate, Turkish delight, confectionery, jam, honey, woven carpets and textile products as tourist gifts. You can also choose tourist souvenir products such as magnets, mugs, keychains, bottle openers, trays, tea and coffee sets. Whether for historical, cultural or business purposes, your limited baggage is the only problem you have with tourist gifts on your trips to the Central Anatolian Region.

The Southeastern Anatolia Region, which contains most of the Fertile Crescent region, which is considered the oldest settlement in the world and the starting point of the history of civilization, is one of the regions where historical and cultural travel is most intense. The region, which is famous all over the world especially with ancient cities such as Göbeklitepe and Nevali Çori, attracts the attention of academic visitors, researchers, writers and documentary filmmakers as well as domestic and foreign tourists. Mardin, Sanliurfa, Adiyaman, Gaziantep, Diyarbakir, Batman, Siirt, Kilis, Şırnak cities in the region, where history gushes from every corner, have legends, mythological epics and narratives that inspire the whole world. For this reason, it has a very rich variety of tourist gift themes.

There are visitors who come especially for the world-famous baklavas, kebabs and other local delicacies about gastronomy. The region’s famous hand-woven rugs and carpets, local handicraft products such as filigree silver jewelry, and natural products such as donkey milk soap can be taken as tourist souvenirs. At the same time, products such as keychains, magnets, mugs, decorative panels, cigarette sheets can also be preferred. With the variety of tourist souvenirs that you will buy for yourself and your loved ones, your trips to the Southeastern Anatolia Region can turn into a shopping spree.

The Eastern Anatolia region, which is considered the roof of the country because it is the highest altitude region of Turkey, contains the legendary mountains Ağrı and Erciyes and Lake Van, the largest lake in the country, on its borders. In addition to culture and history tourism, it is also very preferred for snow and winter tourism, climbing, rafting and tracking for extreme sports. Due to the long, harsh cold winter climate, the local people have also mastered crafts. In addition to the rich traditional tourist gift options, you can buy bags, wallets, desktop decor, wallboards, magnets, keychains, mugs, coasters, trays that you can easily find anywhere. You can push the limits of your budget when you return home from the Eastern Anatolia Region, where you will have rich options for authentic tourist souvenirs.

Extraordinary memories are accumulated in our country that will not be erased from memories during trips to all regions. Before returning home, the most important thing is to buy themed, famous, local tourist gifts that you can buy for yourself and your loved ones that will remind you of these memories. If you are not traveling by your own car, the most important thing to pay attention to when buying these products is the carrying capacity of your suitcases and bags and the weight of the luggage. There are space and cargo restrictions in transportation methods such as boats, ships, airplanes. Therefore, if you are buying a lot of products, you should buy small, light and durable products.

You should pay attention to the box, packaging and packaging system of products with a risk of breakage. Especially you should have strong packaging so that the local food products you buy do not deteriorate during the travel period. You should take care that the products are within the baggage limits of the transport companies. If you are traveling with your own vehicle, you should pay attention to the products that will break and make sure that cosmetic products such as food supplies, soap, cologne, cream do not stay in the heat, if necessary, you should use a cold storage system.

Souvenirs That Will Make Your Trip to Turkey Unforgettable


Magnet products are types of tourist souvenirs in which themed patterns applied on various materials such as high-quality wood, seashell, epoxy, eva paper, metal, glass, plastic polyester, ceramic, transparent polyester, stone are produced by digital printing and decoration. It is especially preferred because it is light, economical and takes up little space. The dimensions of magnet products produced with high quality design, raw materials and workmanship, which are used for decorative purposes by attaching to various metal lid cabinets, shelves, panels, especially refrigerator lids with magnet property, are in the range of 3 cm to 15 cm. Magnet collections are designed and prepared with the themes of patterns belonging to all regions in Turkey and around the world. It can be produced in the requested quantity by being customized according to all desired regions, island, person, logo and brand.


Collections of bottle opener products, also known as soda opener, are produced by decorating the epoxy on the bottle opener design with flat metal surface, patterns and photo themes with digital printing. Durable and ergonomic designs have models that work with the lift / open and flip / open technique used for bottles with classic crown caps. The dimensions of the tourist gift bottle Decanter products from the ready-made themed collection varieties available in the catalogs are between 4 cm and 13 cm. Thanks to the magnet feature in refrigerators, metal cabinets, bottle openers, which are also used for decorative purposes, are produced in metal forms in the form of drops, butterflies, fish, elephants, cats, lighthouses, dolphins, bicycles, fish, airplanes, sailboats, rudders, hearts, surfboards, turtles.


Keychain models are useful and regulatory products made from high-quality raw materials or natural materials.  The patterns of the keychain models prepared as tourist souvenirs are designed by taking inspiration from the characteristics of the cities where the theme is themed. It is produced with materials such as metal, epoxy, wood, natural stone, seashell, glass, ceramic, tile, enamel, polyester, macrame and rope. it consists of a combination of an object mounted together with a thick chain between 85 mm and 105 mm long, with keys at one end, and Deconstructed with various themes and designs with a diameter between 35 mm and 40 mm at the other end. When you want to give family members, friends a small but special city-themed tourist souvenir that will always be useful and will remind you, keychain models are the most practical products that do not take up space in your suitcase.


In the ready-made collections of trophy models, the images and patterns that have become symbols of the tourist region or city are produced by decorating with digital printing on high-quality ceramics or glass. The sizes of the mugs, which can be used Decently in homes and offices, are between 8 cm and 10 cm.

Souvenirs That Will Make Your Trip to Turkey Unforgettable


When serving tea and coffee and preparing tables, the most commonly used auxiliary kitchen products for transporting ingredients are trays. The trays, which provide ease of presentation and are always at hand, are designed in round, oval and rectangular shapes. The length of the rectangular tray is 17 cm, the width is 31.5 cm, the height is 12 millimeters. The diameter of the round trays is 35 centimeters. The city theme is applied with digital printing on the trays made of metal material. Zamak trays in quadrangular and round forms produced from high-quality zamak material are decorated with metal press technique.


Protective companions of coffee tables and tables, the cup holder products add color to your decoration with city themes. Wood prepared in round, square, flower forms and produced in theme with laser cutting, offset and digital printing. The dimensions of the cup Decanter models, which are one of the most practical, lightweight and easily portable tourist gift products, are between 9 cm and 10 cm depending on their shape. In addition to the city-themed ones, tile Decals, evil eye beads, space, astronaut, bicycle, marine, animal and current themed ones are among your tourist gift options.

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