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Safranbolu Amasra Abant Tour is a great option for those who want to feel the mystical atmosphere of the Black Sea and discover its historical texture.

The stone houses, wood craftsmanship and traditional lifestyle of Safranbolu, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage list, will fascinate you. Amasra's historical port, Genoese castle and natural beauties will offer a trip full of unforgettable memories. Abant is a natural lake with the most beautiful shades of green. On this tour, you will have the opportunity to taste delicious local dishes while exploring historical heritage and natural beauty. For a unique experience, do not miss the Safranbolu Amasra Abant Tour with Gazali Turizm.

  • Safranbolu
  • Hıdırlık Hill, Sundial
  • Bartin
  • Amasra Castle
  • Kastamonu Şerife Sister Monument
  • Samsun, Atatürk Honor Monument, Bandırma Ferry
  • Sinop Erfelek Waterfalls
  • Historical Prison
  • Boat tour
  • Sinop Castle
  • Amasya
  • Green River
  • Bayezid Complex
  • Princes Travel Road
  • Hazeranlar Mansion
  • Ferhat and Sirin
  • King Rock Tombs
Tour Included:

1 Night Accommodation in Safranbolu Hotels

1 Night Accommodation in Samsun Hotels

2 Breakfasts to be Taken at Hotels

2 Dinners to Be Taken at Hotels

Compulsory Travel Insurance No. 1618

All Sightseeing Tours Included in the Program

Parking, Highway and Bridge Fees

Professional Guidance and Accompaniment Services

Transportation with Luxury Vehicles and In-Vehicle Water Offerings

Tour Excluded:

All Lunches

All Private Expenditures

Drinks Taken with All Meals

All Extra Specified Organizations

All Museum and Ruins Entrance Fees

First-Day Breakfast and Last-Day Dinner

Tour Plan

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Day 1 Bartın Amasra, Safranbolu, İmren Delights, Government House, Hıdırlık Hill, Clock Tower, Kastamonu, Şerife Bacı Monument, Kastamonu Castle

After meeting you at the specified places, we start our night journey. We reach Amasra district of Bartın Province in the morning. After the extra breakfast we will have here in the morning, we start our trip and visit Amasra Castle, Ağlayan Ağaç, Boztepe, Kale İçi Evleri, Fati̇h Mosque, Küçük Church, Kemere Bridge, Tow Truck Bazaar. We set off towards Safranbolu, a museum city that preserves the traces of the common Ottoman and Greek life. Here, we first go up to Hıdırlık Hill, where we can see Safranbolu, the Government Mansion and the Clock Tower panoramic. From here we can see that neither house blocks the view of the other and that they are magnificently positioned. After our guide finishes his explanation, he takes our photos. He passes through the cobblestone streets that make us experience Safranbolu, visiting the Semerciler, Drapers, Blacksmiths, Coppersmiths, Cinci Inn and Turkish Bath, İzzet Mehmet Pasha Mosque, Akçasu Canyon, Köprülü Mehmet Pasha Mosque. We visit and the Sun Clock in its courtyard. You will feel like you are in a time tunnel while visiting the Kaymakamlar Mansion, the most beautiful travel house in Safranbolu, which is famous for its mansions and Turkish delights. While we will get information about Turkish delight at the famous İmren Lokumcu of the historical city, we will also have the opportunity to taste and shop delicious Turkish delights. Following our shopping break in Yemeniciler Arasta, we complete our tour of Safranbolu Historical Bazaar. After having our free lunch (extra), we move towards Kastamonu to visit Şerife sister, one of the main architects of the War of Independence. Here, we complete our tour with Nasrullah Mosque, Nasrullah Bridge, Şerife Bacı Monument, and panoramic views of the city's clock tower and castle, Abdurrahman Pasha High School, the first regular high school in Anatolia, and the Government House, where the Hat Revolution took place. We go to Sepetçioğlu Local Products to buy the famous Pastrami, Sausage, Garlic and Pulled Halva of Kastamonu. After shopping, we go to our hotel for accommodation and dinner. A Live Music Entertainment tour will be organized for our guests at night (extra).

Day 2 Sinop, Erfelek Waterfalls, Sinop Castle, Sinop Historical Prison, Samsun, Monument of Honor, Bandırma Ferry, Tobacco Pier

Western and Central Black Sea Amasra Safranbolu Kastamonu Sinop Samsun Amasya On the 2nd day of our tour, after having breakfast at our hotel in the morning, we go to visit and live in Sinop, which is the northernmost point of Turkey. It is a historical port city that preserves its natural beauty. We start our Sinop trip with our trip to Erfelek Tatlıca Waterfalls, with its magnificent views and unique nature. These are the row of waterfalls near Tatlıca village in Sinop's Erfelek district (Extra). It hosts 28 different waterfalls of various sizes. In Sinop, we are first greeted by the Statue of the famous Philosopher Diogenes, who is known for his words to Alexander the Great: "Do not overshadow me, I do not want any other blessings." Then, during our trip to the Historical Sinop Prison, we will witness the sad pages of history and listen to interesting stories from our guide. After the tour of the Historical Prison, which hosted many famous names, we will reach Sinop Port. We said that a boat tour is a must when we come to the Black Sea during our Sinop trip, and finally, we organize a boat tour (Extra). We go to Örnek mantı to eat the famous Sinop mantı. After our free lunch break, we head towards Sinop, Samsun, from the Black Sea coastal road, we see the Gerze district and Alaçam districts panoramic and we arrive in Samsun. We are visiting Samsun, where Gazi Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK started the War of Independence. First, we visit the Bandırma Ferry, which is the ferry on which Mustafa Kemal Atatürk came to Samsun with his 18 friends on May 19, 1919 to start the National Struggle, and then we visit the first place where they got off the Bandırma ferry. We are going to Tobacco Pier. We visit the Atatürk Honor Monument, built by Australian Sculptor Heinrich Krippel, in Samsun Municipality Park, which has become the symbol of Samsun and was erected at the point where Mustafa Kemal Atatürk first came to the city. After our tours, we go to the hotel for dinner and accommodation.

Day 3 Amasya, Green River, Archaeological Museum, Bayezid Social Complex, Şehzadeler Gezi Yolu, Hazeranlar Mansion, Ferhat and Şirin, King Rock Tombs

Western and Central Black Sea Amasra Safranbolu Kastamonu Sinop Samsun Amasya On the 3rd day of our tour, after having breakfast at our hotel in the morning, we move towards Amasya to start our trip on the last day of our tour. First, of our trip, we see the water channel of Ferhat and Şirin, known as the mountain that Ferhat pierced for the sake of his love for Şirin, listen to their stories again and take a photo break. Then, we start with the Amasya Archeology Ethnography and Mummy Museum, where more than twenty thousand artifacts found in Amasya and its surroundings are exhibited. Artifacts from many civilizations, from the Hittites to the Romans, from the Seljuks to the Ottomans, are exhibited in the museum. After our museum visit, we visited the Bayezid Social Complex, Yalı Boyu Houses, Şehzadeler Park, Clock Tower, and Hazeranlar Mansion, then we went to the Yeşilırmak Bank to take a panoramic view and photograph the King Rock Tombs, which fascinate with their appearance and story, on the banks of the Yeşilırmak Valley, and to have our lunch consisting of local menus of Amasya. We go to our restaurant and eat our local dishes in the open buffet (Extra). If they wish, our guests can take a tour of the boats on the Green River (Extra). After completing our trip in Amasya, we set out for Istanbul. After the breaks at Tosya Onur Park and Kaynaşlı Türsan Recreation Facilities, we say goodbye to you, our valued guests, to meet at another Gazali Tourism organization. We drop you off at the points we picked up. As Gazali Tourism Operation and Sales team, we thank you for choosing us. Best regards.

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