Eskişehir Bursa Cumalıkızık Gölyazı Tour with 1 Night Accommodation

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Two important cities in our country's history: On the one hand, Bursa, which served as the capital for 39 years since the foundation of the Ottoman Empire, and on the other hand, Eskişehir, the city of modern art, which hosts the firsts in the history of the Republic. Get to know these two different important cities with the quality of Gazali Tourism...

Two cities with a history that can't fit into books, a city that smells so much of history and art that you can't get enough of looking at. On the one hand, Bursa, with its natural beauty and delicious food that lingers on the palate, with a unique cultural background, and on the other hand, Eskişehir, the modern art city that deserves to be described as Turkey's highest living standards, most livable and most innovative, as foreigners say. We present you all aspects of these two cities with the difference of Gazali Turizm...

  • Eskisehir
  • Porsuk Stream Boat Tour
  • Odunpazari
  • Wax Museum
  • Sazova Science Park
  • Dream Castle
  • Bursa Tophane
  • Grand Mosque
Tour Included:

1 Night Accommodation in Hotels

1 Breakfast to be Taken at Hotels

1 Dinner to Be Taken at Hotels

Compulsory Travel Insurance No. 1618

All Sightseeing Tours Included in the Program

Parking, Highway and Bridge Fees

Professional Guidance and Accompaniment Services

Transportation with Luxury Vehicles and In-Vehicle Water Offerings

Tour Excluded:

All Lunches

All Private Expenditures

Drinks Taken with All Meals

All Extra Specified Organizations

All Museum and Ruins Entrance Fees

First-Day Breakfast and Last-Day Dinner

Tour Plan

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Day 1 Sazova Science Park - Revolution Car - Odunpazarı - Wax Sculpture Museum - Kentpark - Atlıhan - Meerschaum Museum - Porsuk Stream

After meeting with you, our valued guests, we start our Eskişehir Odunpazarı Bursa Gölyazı Tour journey with Gazali Turizm's buses. After our pleasant daytime journey, we will reach Eskişehir before noon. You will be surprised to see the civilized lives and urban development of our modern art city, Eskişehir, which is a city that has achieved many firsts in Turkey. We start our trip in Eskişehir, a livable city that blended the old and the new, did not forget its past and carried it to the future, with the "Revolution Car" and the Revolution Story, the first domestic car produced in a short period of 4 months in 1961. We hear from our guide the sad story of our vehicle, which was produced in 1961 in the Eskişehir Traction Workshop in its garden and exhibited here. Our next stop, after our guide's informative explanations, is Sazova Science and Culture Park. Sazova Park is one of the projects that completely changed the face of Eskişehir and contains many theme images such as Fairytale Castle and Pirate Ship. We tour the park with the explanations of our guide. After our guide's explanations, we give you free time to take photos in Sazova Park. After our free time, we take a lunch break at our restaurant to taste Çi Börek, the famous dish of the Crimean Tatars. After dinner, we go to Odunpazarı, the historical district of Eskişehir. We pass through the colorful houses and streets with its unique architecture, which has become the symbol of Eskişehir, and visit the Meerschaum Museum, where the story of the "Workable Meerschaum", which is quarried only here in the world, is exhibited by its masters, and we do our shopping. Then, we pass through the colorful Odunpazarı Houses and reach Atlıhan. Atlıhan, which was the resting place for the merchants and their horses who came to market their wood, today serves as a handicraft market. Here we listen to the history of Atlıhan Bazaar and Odunpazarı from our guide. After our trip to Atlıhan, we went to the Yılmaz Büyükerşen Wax Sculptures Museum, which is the first example in Turkey of the 'Madame Tussaud’ museum, which is located in many countries of the world, and visited the works where more than 160 statues of famous figures of Turkey and the world, especially Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, are exhibited. We will. After our museum visit, we travel in the middle of the city with a Boat Tour (Extra) on the Porsuk Stream, which is described as Turkey's Amsterdam or Venice. We get off our boat at Köprübaşı and give free time for shopping. After our free time, we go to Kent Park, a separate summer resort in Eskişehir, with mythological statues everywhere. Here we see with our own eyes the answer to whether there is a beach in the middle of the steppe. After taking advantage of the pond, beach, horse riding areas, outdoor swimming pools and walking tracks in the park, we return to our vehicle and settle in our hotel to rest in the evening—dinner and accommodation in our hotel. After dinner, we go on a tour of Eskişehir bar street with our guests who wish. (Extra)

Day 2 Bursa, Tophane, Cumalıkızık, Art House, Osman and Orhan Gazi Tomb

On the 2nd day of our tour, after the open buffet breakfast at our hotel, we depart for Green Bursa, which was the capital of the Ottoman Empire for 39 years. Our first stop in this distinguished city, which not only has history but also lush green nature, mystical historical texture, delicious treats and food, is Cumalıkızık Village. You will enjoy getting lost among the streets with nostalgic houses and the natural village atmosphere of Cumalıkızık, which is the living history of Bursa, which has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. Although Cumalıkızık made its name known with the legendary TV series "Kınalı Kar", it is a small Ottoman village that managed to remain a village at the bottom of a very crowded city. After the necessary information and explanations of our guide in this village, we visit the Art House and Gin Range. After our visits here, we will give you free time in the village square where you can buy beautiful local products for your loved ones and homes in this ecologically natural village environment. After our free time, we leave Cumalıkızık and move to Bursa. Our first stop in Bursa is Tophane, where we can watch the city from a bird's eye view and photograph it. In Tophane, we first visit the tombs of Osman Gazi and Orhan Gazi, one of the founders of the Ottoman Empire. After our visit here, we visit the cannon carriages and the Historical Clock Tower, which have been symbolically located from past to present, which gave the region its name. After our Tophane tours, we give you a short break and free time to buy the region's famous chestnut candy and desserts. The point we will go to after our free time is Bursa's Hagia Sophia, the Grand Mosque, as Evliya Çelebi puts it. After we visit the Ulu Mosque, we take a short break in Kozahan (İpekçiler Bazaar) and go to get our lunch. (Extra) After our lunch, we visit Gölyazı Village, one of the most beautiful summer resorts in Bursa, famous for its natural beauties. Gölyazı, a museum city that has an important place in the history of Christianity, offers us a unique beauty where nature and history meet on the shores of Uluabat (Apollont) Lake. As we move among the olive trees in Gölyazı, the restored historical windmill welcomes us at the entrance. We give you free time to get information about the region from our guide and take wonderful landscape photos in the magnificent view of Gölyazı and Uluabat Lake. In Gölyazı, which will fascinate us with its historical atmosphere, lush nature, warmly chatting village women and veteran fishermen of the lush lake, we see the St. Panteleimon Church, one of the important and original examples of Anatolian Greek Orthodox churches. Then, we visit the Gölyazı Culture House and Göl Yazı Evi, located right next to the church. After our tours, we go to the village square for a pleasant walk. After seeing the Weeping Plane Tree in the village square and listening to the story of the tree from our guide, we pass the peninsula over the bridge. We visit the historical Gölyazı Bath and Mosque, which has been restored as a cafe today, the historical walls, the centuries-old auction where fish caught from Lake Uluabat are sold, Faik Bey Mansion, the 250-year-old Greek houses, accompanied by the explanations of our guide, and take a tea break in the square. After our tea break, we start our return journey. In the evening, we leave a beautiful weekend holiday behind, leave you, our valued guests, to the points we picked up and say goodbye to you to meet at the next Gazali Tourism organization.

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