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Istanbul is home to the world's most beautiful and beautiful palaces, museums and historical places (Istanbul is unforgettable), ideal for a holiday, honeymoon or family trip.

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What is now called Asian Istanbul was probably inhabited by people as early as 3000 BC. Eventually, in the 7th century, Greek colonists led by King Byzas established the colony of Byzantium, the Greek name for a city on the Bosphorus. Byzas chose the spot after consulting an oracle of Delphi who told him to…

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Antalya Turkey

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Antalya is Turkey's main resort on the Mediterranean coast (in ancient Pamphilia), an attractive city with streets lined with palm trees and an award-winning harbor overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. In the picturesque old district of Kalesi, the narrow winding streets and antique wooden houses embrace the walls of the old city

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